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Investigate and write up news stories for TV, web, or print.

Salary Range

$30,087 - $47,158

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Reporter do?

Reporters gather information on a subject and then write about or broadcast it. This profession is present in a wide array of media outlets: you may work for a newspaper, magazine, radio show, TV show, or website. The possibilities within each of those mediums are endless, especially as many of those media outlets are needing more and more online coverage.

Your daily tasks as a reporter are to find information, look over documents, travel to the scenes of the events, and do interviews. Reporters have to work under tight deadlines, so being calm under pressure is a great attribute to have.

To do all this, you may end up working long/odd hours, depending on the company you work for, and especially if there is a big, breaking news event. But the result is rewarding and your work is important to many people in your community.

You may also do some traveling beyond your own city if your reporting covers a great distance, like for a national news program. If that is the case, then you have to be flexible and ready to meet challenges, and be open to changing your schedule…and your time zone. The fun and the privilege of this position are infectious, though, and you often find yourself doing whatever it takes to break the next big story.

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