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Repeat Photocomposing Machine Operator

Operate photocomposing machines to repeat designs on film.

What does a Repeat Photocomposing Machine Operator do?

Operates photocomposing machine to repeat designs on film for transfer to sensitized copper rollers used in printing such products as wallpaper and oilcloth: Sketches design layout on worksheet according to sequence in which design is to be repeated around roller. Computes machine setting required to repeat design on film as laid out on worksheet, using standard formulas and tables. Mounts positive print on negative frame, aligning centerline on print with centerline on frame, and tapes print in position. Masks area around print with black paper. Centers film on backboard of machine and tapes film in position. Lifts backboard against negative frame and locks in position. Moves negative frame in position for exposing film to first repeat of design, following computations on worksheet. Starts compressor that creates vacuum between negative frame and backboard, drawing backboard against negative frame. Exposes film to light through positive print for specified time, transferring image from print to film. Repeats process until design has been repeated along vertical and horizontal plane of film a specified number of times. Removes exposed film from machine and processes film through series of chemical baths to develop, fix, and rinse film. Examines developed film for exposure errors and misalignment of repeated designs. Agitates film in chemical solution to etch out overexposed film. Discards unusable film. Hangs developed film on line to dry.