Repeat Chief

Examine and correct defects in films.

What does a Repeat Chief do?

Examines and corrects defects in films used to transfer designs onto printing rollers: Examines films to detect pinholes, defective screens, loss of contour, and exposure errors. Paints out pinholes, fills in defective screens, and alters contour of images on film, using brushes and opaque. Returns overexposed or underexposed films to PHOTOGRAPHER, PHOTOENGRAVING for correction. Measures image on film to verify conformance to specifications, using steel tape. Routes acceptable prints to REPEAT-PHOTOCOMPOSING-MACHINE OPERATOR for use in composing master film for transferring image to sensitized copper printing rollers. Compares master film with original design and examines repeat joinings through magnifying lens to detect repeats that are out of register. Returns unsatisfactory films to REPEAT-PHOTOCOMPOSING MACHINE OPERATOR for correction of defects.