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Repairer, Welding, Brazing, and Burning Machines

Repair and maintain welding, brazing, and cutting machines.

What does a Repairer, Welding, Brazing, and Burning Machines do?

Repairs and maintains arc, gas, and resistance welding, brazing, and cutting machines, according to blueprints, catalogs, and data charts, applying knowledge of machine repair and welding: Inspects machine and observes operation to detect cause of malfunction. Disassembles machine, using handtools. Selects replacement parts from parts lists and catalogs, or repairs parts, such as hoses, electrode holders, valves, regulators, tubes, transformers, photoelectric cells, automatic wire feeds, bushings, bearings, conveyor links, and gears. Solders loose connections. Rewires electrical circuits. Replaces or repairs worn shafts and cams. Welds cracked or broken frames and housings. Reassembles machine, using handtools, welding and brazing equipment, and measuring instruments. Sets up and starts repaired machine to verify operation. May repair welding equipment [REPAIRER, WELDING EQUIPMENT]. May be designated by specialty as Repairer, Resistance-Welding Machines.