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Repairer II

Maintain, install, and repair process equipment in chemical plants.

What does a Repairer II do?

Maintains, installs, and repairs process equipment in chemical plants, usually working under direction of REPAIRER I 630.261-018: Inspects equipment for leaks and defective valves. Tightens flange connections and valves, using wrenches. Replaces driving belts, spray nozzles, gaskets, and packing in equipment and gaskets or seals in pipelines. Lubricates pumps and valves, using grease gun. Grinds and reseals valves, using power grinder. Dismantles and assembles equipment, using wrenches and portable power tools, as directed by REPAIRER I to assist in repairs and installations. Cleans dirt and rust from equipment and parts prior to and after repairs are made, using brushes, buffer, and cleaning solutions. May test equipment for leaks, using compressed-nitrogen hose and compressor and vacuum gauge, to detect pressure drops. May assist equipment or process operator in operation or tending of equipment units during emergencies or rest periods.