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Repairer I

Repair, adjust, and install chemical process equipment.

What does a Repairer I do?

Repairs, adjusts, and installs chemical process equipment, according to knowledge of equipment operation and plant specifications: Observes equipment, such as pumps, compressors, generator, reactors, heat exchangers, filters, grinders, and absorbing towers, in operation or confers with operators to detect and diagnose mechanical defects or malfunction, utilizing knowledge of mechanical function and performance characteristics of equipment. Disassembles equipment, using handtools and portable power tools. Examines parts for defects, such as breakage or excessive wear. Verifies dimensions of parts, using calipers, micrometers, and scales. Sends parts to welding or machine shop for repair or for fabrication of replacement parts. Replaces defective parts and reassembles equipment. Adjusts clearance and timing of control devices to specifications, using pliers, screwdriver, and wrenches. Installs new equipment or modifies existing installations, following blueprints and technical advice of engineers. Directs REPAIRER II in performing tasks, such as dismantling and assembling equipment. May be designated according to equipment repaired as Repairer, Evaporator; Repairer, Pump; Repairer, Still.