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Repair Development Engineer

Create processes for repairing machines.

What does a Repair Development Engineer do?

At the end of a repair, a machine should function as well as-or better than-it did before it was broken. Achieving this goal is harder than it sounds, however. A Mechanic who pulls on the wrong plug could cause more damage, rendering the machine completely worthless. A Repair Development Engineer develops tools that can prevent these failures in fixes.

As a Repair Development Engineer, you likely hold a job in the aeronautics industry, working with helicopters, jets, and passenger airplanes. However, some Repair Development Engineers also work with small electronic equipment for private technology firms.

Repair Technicians submit reports to your company about parts that are breaking in the field. In your laboratory, you try to recreate these failures by subjecting equipment to stresses like heat, cold, and pressure. Each time you perform a test, you enter the results into a computer system.

Using all of this data, you run modeling programs to determine what’s causing the problems. Then, you figure out the best way to fix them without ruining anything else. This involves more testing, more modeling, and more typing in the computer.

When your research is done, you write up a report and provide it to your Manager, so the rules can be passed out to Repair Technicians in the field.

Sometimes, you find that failures are happening because a piece has been designed improperly. This often means your company must issue a recall, and you must ask Machinists to make new parts to replace the defective items out on the market. Once more, you write reports detailing how the faulty bit should be removed and replaced.