Repair Coil Winder

Wind coils for repair of electric motor and generator parts.

What does a Repair Coil Winder do?

Winds coils for repair of electric motor and generator parts, such as rotors, stators, and armatures, using original winding as guide to determine number of turns and size of wire: Winds coil on machine or directly into slots of rotors, stators, and armatures or pounds heavy copper over template to form coils. Operates coil spreading machine to shape rigid coils for placement into slots. Tends coil taping machine or winds tape around coils by hand to insulate coils. Cuts and forms sheet insulation to fit slots, using paper cutter and forming fixture. Inserts coils into slots and pounds, using mallet and block, to compress and shape windings. Twists coil leads together to form groups of coils according to original winding and solders connections, using soldering iron. May paint coils with insulating varnish or enamel. May be designated according to coil wound as Field-Coil Winder.