Repack Room Worker

Repack cartons of beer or distilled liquor damaged in packaging.

What does a Repack Room Worker do?

Repacks cartons of beer or distilled liquor damaged in packaging: Removes containers, such as bottles or cans, from damaged or unclean cartons and places containers in another carton. Replaces damaged containers with containers of identical size, label, and crown. Seals top flaps of carton, using glued tape. Duplicates identification, code, and date number found on damaged cartons, using hand stamps. Positions letters and numbers in hand stamps, using picks and tweezers. Sets repacked carton on conveyor or stacks in storage area. May move carton to storage area, using handtruck. Maintains supply of various-sized bottles and cans, using different types of labels, crowns, and lids. May keep records of material used. May pack orders for shipping.