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Rental Agent

Rent cars and vans to travelers based on their needs and price range.

What does a Rental Agent do?

As a Rental Agent, you work with customers who are looking to rent a vehicle for a short period of time. The bulk of your work revolves around customer service and sales. In other words, the Rental Agent helps customers find the right car for their needs. You will likely be employed by a rental agency like Enterprise, Avis, or Hertz, which is often located near an airport or in a major city.

Before you rent out a car to someone, the Rental Agent first makes sure that they qualify for renting. Once they’re cleared, you go over their options with them, and help them choose the perfect car. After a vehicle is picked out, you discuss the particulars, outlining their rights and insurance options.

Insurance packages are a big part of your work. While you want to make sure that the customer is safe and your company is covered, it’s also a fantastic sales opportunity, a chance for you to flex your Salesperson muscles.

You then handle the payment process for the customer. You also make sure that the gas tank is filled before they leave, and that the car is clean and in proper working order. When you’re not dealing with customers, you tend to the cars in the lot, filling tanks, making sure they’re ready to go, moving them around, and taking them to the service center.