Renewable Energy Consultant

Share your knowledge of renewable energy, like wind and solar power.

What does a Renewable Energy Consultant do?

Renewable energy is like colds in a kindergarten class-it’s always around and its source is never-ending.

Wind, sun, and water are all examples of renewable energy. They can be used to create things like heat for homes, electricity for businesses, or fuel for cars. As a Renewable Energy Consultant, you work with companies, organizations, and everyday people to teach them about different energy options, and ways they can use fewer non-renewable energy sources.

This is a relatively new field. In the not-so-distant past, the US relied heavily on things like coal, natural gas, and oil-sources that will all eventually run out, thus requiring people to search for new energy. And this is where you come in. As a Renewable Energy Consultant, you work with an individual or company to explain the different renewable energy options available, and suggest which ones will work best for them. Say you’re working with a construction company building a home. You might encourage the use of solar-powered water heaters, and evaporating water systems instead of air conditioners. Or you might suggest installing dimmer switches on lights. All of these suggestions are environmentally friendly ways of providing energy.

As a Renewable Energy Consultant, you spend a lot of time researching and communicating. Your clients consider you an expert, so you need to always be knowledgeable about the latest advances and technology in the field. You also need to be able to talk to anyone. Some of your clients will be well-versed in renewable energy, while others will need you to explain even the very basic.