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Turn 2D objects into 3D images for animated films, video games, and more.

What does a Renderer do?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a short story’s worth of information just isn’t enough. As a Renderer you use specialized computer programs to turn 2-dimensional pictures, descriptions, or models into 3D realistic looking images. In this job you’re the one to make the characters in a video game look true to life or create the electronic set of New York when a Film Director wants to destroy the city in the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Moving a picture from page to screen calls not only for some serious computer skills, but also for a little out of the box thinking. When you work as a Renderer you need to think of things such as shadows, reflections, focus, shading, and even texture. You consider how these different attributes would change if a viewer were to move from left to right, up and down, and further or closer to the object. Often times you’ll work with more than one image to get your final product, making what’s shown on the screen more of a composite than a faithful recreation.

When it comes to employment you can find work in a few different fields, including construction, manufacturing, architecture, and entertainment. For example, Architects hire Renderers to create electronic “walk throughs” of homes for potential clients, and Video Game Art Directors have you make characters that could be confused for real life people.

As a successful Renderer, you have the ability to create unique and useful solutions to design problems.