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Relocation Manager

Take care of the nitty-gritty details of getting a family relocated.

What does a Relocation Manager do?

A Relocation Manager is a helping hand for employees who find themselves moving cross-country, or even across the world, for their employer. A specialist within the human resource department, a Relocation Manager is like a Travel Agent, but the difference is they plan for much more permanent trips.

As a Relocation Manager, you work out the kinks when a family finds out they must move to a different city. You handle every detail of the trip, from providing gas money to choosing who hauls the furniture.

Before anyone hits the road, you have to find a new house and sell the old one. It takes more than looking for a fresh coat of paint and a picket fence. Banks, schools, and grocery stores should be close by for maximum convenience. No parent wants a 30-minute trek to the store for dinner each night.

Each family will have special needs to meet. One parent needs a religious school for their child, while another needs a large backyard for Fido. You spend most of your time on the phone or at the computer, researching locations and coordinating with Realtors and Movers. If you’re arranging an international relocation, you work with a Relocation Manager in the destination country.

Finally, you write up a contract of what the company will pay for and how much. Tracking your budget ensures that you can afford everything the family needs without draining the accounting department dry. A successful move is all in the details.