Relocation Commissioner

Facilitate the relocation of people affected by construction projects.

What does a Relocation Commissioner do?

Change is never easy, and when that change involves building a highway through a small neighborhood, then it’s time to call in a Relocation Commissioner to ensure that the interests of both the affected individuals and the general public are carefully considered. As a Relocation Commissioner, you serve as Project Manager to city projects, finding ways to cause the least amount of interference while compensating those affected by the change.

It’s official. A new interstate will be built in your city, bringing in more traffic to local businesses and creating new job opportunities. Everyone’s excited – except the families whose homes sit in the way of the pending construction.

Before this project becomes a reality, you have some serious planning to do. You’ve weighed the pros and cons and found that the money from the interstate will be more than what it will cost to help the families move. Now, it’s time to explain the situation, and offer both compensation and assistance in this transition.

As the project starts, the Relocation Commissioner keeps a close watch on the relocation efforts to ensure that each family has a chance to find a new place to live that’s still close to the parents’ work and the children’s schools. Some people may be angry and not want to leave; that’s when you have to decide whether forcing a family to relocate is worth it for the good of the public or not. You’re both Judge and jury in this situation, and the community relies on you to make fair decisions.