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Religious Counselor

Help people conquer challenges through your spiritual guidance.

What does a Religious Counselor do?

A Religious Counselor’s job is to help people with their problems by offering them psychological insights and advice, but with a faith-based perspective. You see, the church isn’t just for praying, socializing, or volunteering. It’s also a place where people go for guidance.

They may have questions, and they’re looking for answers. Some people find them with their Priest, Pastor, Preacher, Minister, or Rabbi, whatever the case may be. Others, however, need a little extra guidance — and they often get it from a Religious Counselor.

When you’re a Religious Counselor, you handle a variety of issues. A patient could be experiencing fear or depression. They could be having trouble at work or with their marriage. Or they could be struggling with addiction.

Whatever their problem — be it mental, social, or emotional — it’s your job to help them confront the challenge and overcome it, typically through talk therapy.

Like most Counselors, you probably have a specialty, be it family counseling, marriage counseling, addiction counseling, or depression counseling. Because you’re a Religious Counselor, however, your approach is typically spiritual in nature. When you talk about patients’ problems, for instance, the conversation often includes God, church, and faith. And when you talk about solutions, your tools generally include prayers, parables, and scripture.

You can work in a private office, a school, a church, a homeless shelter, or even a hospital. Wherever you work, however, your “calling” is promoting patients’ mental health by strengthening their spiritual well-being!