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Relief Operator

Fill in for absent Operators and ensure safety guidelines are followed.

What does a Relief Operator do?

As a Relief Operator, you oversee and understand all aspects of operating a factory or plant in much the same way that an Understudy knows the lines of a play’s Actors and Actresses by heart. The Relief Operator serves as both Understudy and Producer in the manufacturing world by learning how to operate and control the various pieces of equipment used in the plant, directing others when they need training, and performing routine checks to ensure that products meet quality guidelines.

As you make your rounds throughout the plant, the first priority of the Relief Operator is the safety of the workers and the quality of the products. Improperly calibrated machines can screw up an entire order, so you check that everything stays on track. This can vary from giving orders to the Machine Operators to putting a little elbow grease into repairing malfunctioning machines yourself.

On top of your repair and management duties, you keep up with records of technical problems and the corresponding repair work. Accurate records prevent future problems and help the factory keep tabs on where its spare parts go.

In the absence of a Machine Operator, you take over his or her role if no one else is free that day. Avoiding a short-staffed plant is the only way to meet the day’s production demands, and thanks to your understanding of all the equipment and manufacturing techniques used throughout the plant, you can take over any job, regardless of what it is. Your flexibility and knowledge serves to unite workers and increase productivity.