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Relay Tester

Test, clean, repair, and adjust relays that protect and control equipment.

What does a Relay Tester do?

Tests, cleans, repairs, and adjusts relays used to protect and control functions of equipment, such as circuit breakers, transformers, and automatic switches in generating stations, substations, and distribution facilities: Connects relay to test board and adjusts test board controls to simulate operating conditions. Observes ammeters, voltmeters, and related test board recording and indicating instruments to determine if relay performs all functions correctly, according to specifications of manufacturer and relay history card. Analyzes reactions of relay to tests to identify cause of malfunction. Tightens bolts, springs, and electrical connections, and adjusts screws to correct malfunction. Adjusts electrical, thermal, and timing elements to calibrate relay, according to installation specifications. Dismantles, cleans, or replaces worn or defective relays, using handtools and brush or feather. Records test results, repairs, adjustments, and related data on relay history card. May periodically inspect and test relays at functioning points. May test and repair related equipment, such as telemetering and supervisory-control devices.