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Reinforcing Ironworker

Keep concrete structures strong by installing rebar.

What does a Reinforcing Ironworker do?

Concrete is used to build a lot of different structures, from office buildings to freeway ramps. Though it looks pretty strong, it actually needs a little bit of help to stay upright and in place, unless it’s being used for a flat structure like a sidewalk. And when this kind of help is required, you come to the rescue. As a Reinforcing Ironworker, you insert metal rods known as rebar into concrete to help it retain its shape and stay upright.

The number, length, and thickness of the rods you use come from the directions found on blueprints or sketches. The Reinforcing Ironworker can use tools like blowtorches, hammers, rod bending machines, pliers, or metal cutters to get the pieces of metal into the shape and size you need. Once the Reinforcing Ironworker has the needed amount of rebar, mesh, or reinforcing rods, they place them into the concrete mold, and cement is poured on top.

You need to know the amount of weight the pieces are expected to hold since this will dictate where you place them and what their positions should be. The concrete supports you make are used everywhere-you can help build stadiums, airports, floors, walls, tunnels, and highways.

When you’re not building new structures, you reinforce old ones. You can attach bars or rods to the frameworks of old homes, or prop up weakened bridges. Needless to say, this isn’t a job for the weak. When you spend your days carrying heavy equipment and large pieces of metal around construction sites, you have to have a bit of Iron Man in you.