Reindeer Rancher

Specialize in breeding reindeer for Christmas parades or their tasty meat.

What does a Reindeer Rancher do?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen were probably purchased from a reindeer farm, run by a dedicated Reindeer Rancher. These livestock professionals breed, raise, and sell reindeer.

Reindeer are large animals, and they need a significant amount of space. This means that if you’re a Reindeer Rancher, you probably own a very large ranch with several pens to hold reindeer. Reindeer Ranchers look closely at your reindeer, determining which female and male would make good parents. Then, you place the couple in their own honeymoon corral and allow them to breed.

When it’s time, the Reindeer Rancher helps the female give birth, and removes the male reindeer from the pen. You may spend many late nights feeding baby reindeer from bottles. You may also brand the reindeer with hot irons or tag their ears, and train them to wear bells, harnesses, and saddles.

You may become accustomed to handling reindeer medical problems yourself. You give all of your reindeer vaccinations at specified intervals. You also learn to wrap simple cuts and scratches. Some issues must be dealt with by a Veterinarian, however, so you call for help when you know you can’t handle the problem yourself.

You spend much of the day doing dirty, smelly work. You muck out stalls, change filthy water, or brush matted reindeer coats. Additionally, you feed the reindeer several times each and every day. It may be hard to go on vacations.

You may sell your reindeer as living props for Christmas plays and parades, or to people who want to start their own reindeer farms. You also select a few for slaughter, and sell the meat to restaurants and stores.