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REI Physician

Help couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant.

What does a REI Physician do?

An REI Physician has nothing to do with outdoor sports. The letters in the title stand for “Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.” An REI Physician helps couples who have difficulty conceiving a child.

The thought of even seeing an REI Physician can make some couples angry or scared, as they’d like to be able to handle these sorts of tasks on their own. That’s why when you’re an REI Physician, the first task you do when a couple visits you is to put them at ease. Recounting statistics about infertility can help.

Then, you ask them to share information about their medical history and the length of time they’ve spent trying to conceive. The woman’s Doctor may provide information about her gynecological exams, and you study that information carefully.

To truly understand why the couple is having trouble, you perform tests on both the man and the woman. The man submits a sperm sample that you can study, but the woman must endure more invasive procedures, such as a pelvic exam or an ultrasound. You may also ask both of them to take blood tests.

Once you’ve outlined any problems that could be causing the infertility, you explain those problems to the couple and you determine how to treat them. Some couples may need medications and clothing changes, others may need hormone therapy shots, and still others may need you to implant fertilized eggs in the woman’s body.

At the end of your treatments, you write reports for the couple’s Doctors outlining what you’ve done. If all goes well, you help the couple choose a Pediatrician to care for the bouncing baby to come.