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Rehabilitation Technician

Assist with patients' physical recovery.

What does a Rehabilitation Technician do?

After an illness or surgery, patients often undergo physical therapy to get them back to where they were before they got sick. Rehabilitation Technicians help Doctors and Physical Therapists get these patients back to full strength while their health improves.

As a Rehabilitation Technician you can work in different types of physical therapy offices. You might do basic physical therapy, which entails things like lifting patients or holding on to them as they go through their workouts. You might also try cardiac rehab, which is when you assist patients who have just gone through heart surgery. Or you can work with patients who are blind or disabled. Pretty much any type of rehab a patient needs to go through will have a Rehabilitation Technician helping out with things.

In this job, you do anything that the Doctor or Physical Therapist needs done. So you might clean equipment, answer phones, make appointments, or support a patient while they work out. You can watch while a client does the exercises ordered by the Doctor, or you might help plan them yourself.

The types of patients you work with can vary. You can find yourself helping people of all ages, with all sorts of problems. A wide range of organizations-from retirement communities to mental wards-hire for this job, so you have some freedom when it comes to deciding who you want to work with.