Regulatory Agency Director

Direct agencies or divisions investigating regulated activities.

What does a Regulatory Agency Director do?

Directs agency, division, or major function of agency or division charged with investigating regulated activities to assure compliance with federal, state, or municipal laws: Interprets and clarifies federal, state, or municipal laws. Represents agency at meetings, conventions, and other forums to promote and explain agency objectives. Consults with other governmental agencies, business community, and private organizations to resolve problems. Plans and directs surveys and research studies to ensure effective program operation and to establish or modify standards. Recommends changes in legislation and administrative procedures to reflect technological and ecological changes and public sentiment. Confers with legislative liaison individuals or committees to develop legislative bills involving inspection procedures and to obtain wording for proposed inspection codes. Prepares or directs preparation and release of reports, studies, and other publications relating to program trends and accomplishments. Reviews and evaluates work of MANAGER, REGULATED PROGRAM 168.167-090 through conversations, meetings, and reports. Prepares or directs preparation of budget requests. May be required to testify in court or before control or review board. May be designated according to function or agency administered as Administrator, Pesticide; Administrator, Structural Pest Control; Agricultural Commodity Grading Supervisor; Director, Reactor Projects; Director, Transportation Utilities Regulation; Director, Weights And Measures; Manager For Health, Safety, And Environment; Petroleum Products Inspection Supervisor.