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Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ensure your company’s compliance with legal regulations.

What does a Regulatory Affairs Manager do?

When a company creates a product or supplies a service, it has to follow specific government rules and regulations. The problem is, not only can these laws be confusing, but they can also change through the years. Your job as a Regulatory Affairs Manager is to serve as the resident expert on these rules. You research changes to existing laws, learn new regulations, and pass on your knowledge to your company’s employees.

The job as a Regulatory Affairs Manager entails a lot of research because when there are changes in industry laws, the government doesn’t exactly send out a neat packet alerting companies and explaining the new laws. The Regulatory Affairs Manager analyzes the regulations to see how they fit into the company, then ensures that the necessary changes are made or new policies are created.

You also do internal audits to make sure all federal and state regulations are being followed correctly. When they’re not, you let Managers or Supervisors know. When state or government regulatory agencies do routine checks on your company, you serve as the liaison, guiding the Agents as well as handling any issues that they find.

Depending on the type of industry you work for, you might need to keep up with multiple regulatory agencies, or you might just need to deal with one. The laws you follow can be either complex or pretty straightforward. It’s also important to keep in mind that you might need to look into international laws and regulations, especially if your company exports or imports goods, or has manufacturing facilities overseas.