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Handle all areas of college record keeping for student records and class enrollment management.

What does a Registrar do?

If you’re a good record keeper, you might make a great registrar! As a registrar, you’re in charge of student recruiting, student records, and class enrollment. You help prepare student registration and support enrollment management. Registrars handle data management to keep track of curriculum requirements and determine the graduation eligibility of students. You’re the primary point of contact for many registration-related issues like transfer credits, degree verification, and transcripts. A registrar might also help in areas of admissions counseling and accreditation.

Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills are necessary to support the academic administration. Solid communication skills will help you work with students and various college departments. You need to be flexible and comfortable adapting to change in the fast-paced academic environment. Strong computer skills will help you tackle college data management software.

Typically, a bachelor’s degree is required for this position. Some positions may require a master’s degree in student services, educational administration, or a related field.