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Registered Representative

Sell financial products and services to clients for investment purposes.

What does a Registered Representative do?

Sells financial products and services to clients for investment purposes, applying knowledge of securities, investment plans, market conditions, regulations, and financial situation of clients: Identifies potential clients, using advertising campaigns, mailing lists, and personal contacts. Solicits business from potential clients. Interviews clients to determine financial position, resources, assets available to invest, and financial goals. Provides clients with information and advice on purchase or sale of securities, financial services, and investment plans, based on review of professional publications and other financial literature, and knowledge of securities market and financial services industry. Completes sales order tickets and submits completed tickets to support personnel for processing of client requested transaction. Must pass state examination to receive license and become registered to sell securities. May read status reports and perform calculations to monitor client accounts and verify transactions. May work for firm that offers discounted brokerage fees and does not offer advice to clients. May develop and implement financial plans, and sell insurance, real estate, or securities [FINANCIAL PLANNER 250.257-014].