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Registered Nurse Case Manager

Manage patient cases to get them the best care at the lowest price.

What does a Registered Nurse Case Manager do?

Amidst the tangle of health insurance claims, hospital bureaucracy, and types of care, it may seem like a miracle that patients get the treatments they need-but it’s actually the work of a Registered Nurse Case Manager. As a Case Manager, you advocate for patients and make sure they get the best quality care they can at the lowest cost to them and their families.

Often times, the Registered Nurse Case Manager will work with patients who have long-term health care needs: for example, patients battling cancer or living with AIDS, or elderly people who need ongoing care. You’ll develop relationships with each patient and their family, Physicians and Surgeons, and other providers such as Occupational Therapists and Home Health Aides. As the patient moves in and out of the hospital, from intensive care to surgery to rehabilitation and back home, the Registered Nurse Case Manager will stay with their case.

Hospitals don’t have the space or resources to host patients for as long as they used to, and the mobile nature of health care means a lot of variety in your day-to-day job. You may travel to different Doctors’ offices and hospital wings, or check in with patients at home. You may call Insurance Agents to determine a patient’s eligibility for certain procedures, or research different surgical procedures to see which one might be the best fit for your patient’s situation. The system might be frustratingly complex at times, but at least you’re able to take care of it for your patients so they can focus on getting better.