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Regional Wildlife Agent

Supervise and coordinate activities of Fish And Game Wardens.

What does a Regional Wildlife Agent do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of FISH AND GAME WARDENS engaged in enforcing fish and game laws, reporting crops and property damage by wildlife, and compiling biological data: Studies and surveys assigned region to learn topography and available cover and feed for wildlife. Subdivides region into geographical districts and submits request for FISH AND GAME WARDENS to patrol districts. Plans location of access roads, trails, sanitary facilities, boat launching sites, and parking areas, based on number of people using area. Trains and assists subordinates to solve work problems and to interpret directives and regulations. Observes issuance of citations, apprehension of game law violators, and seizure of equipment to verify compliance with laws and regulations. Evaluates and submits efficiency reports on subordinates, and initiates personnel actions such as reprimand, disciplinary action, transfer, or discharge. Addresses school, civic, and sports groups on wildlife and recreational activities. Arranges for witnesses and evidence to be used at court trials of game law violators. Compiles consolidated report of region activities and approves requests for new equipment.