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Regional Sales Manager

Network with clients and close deals within your region.

What does a Regional Sales Manager do?

Regional sales managers act as door-to-door salespeople for large companies. You convince businesses to open their doors so that you can sell your client’s products. You cast your net wide throughout your assigned region to build a strong network of companies that all promote and sell your client’s goods.

The products that the regional sales manager sells depend of what type of company you work for. If you focus on medical supplies or prescriptions, you target doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals. If your client specializes in beauty, you might sell to salons. And if automotive parts are their trade, then you frequent repair shops.

Whether the product is a more effective pain pill or a better eyelash curler, your ultimate goal is to convince companies to choose you over the competition.

Unlike a traditional salesperson, though, you don’t carry your wares with you. You’re not trying to convince a business to buy a handful of products, but rather to sell your products on an ongoing basis.

To land a deal, you show up with samples, presentations, and a speech all prepared to woo the buyer. You must know every minute detail of your product to answer any questions your buyers may have.

Once you have a large fan base of companies selling your products, you need to stay in their good graces by checking in with your clients on a regular basis. You switch between selling mode and follow-up mode from day to day to build a thriving and happy sales network.