Refrigerator Tester

Inspect and test units to evaluate functional operation of system.

What does a Refrigerator Tester do?

Inspects and tests refrigeration units to evaluate functional operation of system, using knowledge of refrigeration systems and operating specifications: Connects unit to electrical outlet and starts compressor. Observes units to detect malfunction and ensure that cooling is taking place. Tests compressors on nonfunctioning units for specified wattage, using watt-meter. Times operating cycle of unit, using watch and replaces relay switches, or orders compressor replacement to regulate length of operating cycle. Feels lines and other components at various points in system to determine if unit is functioning. Examines coolant lines for damage and accumulations of frost indicating constriction or obstruction in lines. Records and attaches inspection tag to malfunctioning units, indicating type and location of defects. May attach gauges to verify conformance of unit to temperature, pressure, B.T.U., and other operational specifications. May work in controlled temperature room.