Refrigeration Unit Repairer

Replace defective components and reassemble refrigeration units.

What does a Refrigeration Unit Repairer do?

Replaces defective components and reassembles refrigeration units to work orders and blueprint specifications: Studies rejection slips from inspection department or customer’s letters and observes functioning of components, such as controls, fan, condenser, evaporator, or compressor to determine need for repair or replacement. Drains oil and pumps gas from unit. Loosens bolts, and melts soldered or brazed seams, to dismantle unit, using handtools and torch. Removes and replaces defective components. Brazes or solders parts to repair defective joints and leaks. Reassembles unit, using measuring instruments, handtools, soldering iron, and hand torch. Routes defective components to salvage department. May adjust unit controls. Records cause of malfunction, repairs, and replacements made.