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Refrigeration Technician

Install, maintain, and repair commercial and industrial refrigeration units.

What does a Refrigeration Technician do?

A refrigeration technician installs, maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs refrigeration units. In some cases, you will also work with heating and ventilation units. This position is part of the larger HVAC profession. You will read schematics, diagrams, and specifications, as well as gauges and instruments that indicate any needed adjustments. Refrigeration technicians work in commercial kitchens, grocery stores, and packaging facilities. General skills required include accuracy, attention to detail, and the ability to organize and prioritize tasks. You will need a knowledge of technical terms and the capacity to analyze, solve problems, and use good judgment. You also need to know the basics of good customer service along with the ability to collaborate with coworkers. Refrigeration technicians complete forms, reports, and logs detailing the work performed.

You should have a high school diploma or GED and two to three years of experience as a technician with an EPA certification for working with chlorofluorocarbons. For many of these positions, a two-year technical degree or one-year certification may be required.