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Refrigeration Mechanic

Set up and maintain fridges and freezes in homes and stores.

What does a Refrigeration Mechanic do?

Refrigeration is a modern technological advancement. Before refrigeration, people relied on such things as salting, canning, and pickling to keep food safe, and having fresh food meant daily trips to the grocery store. These things are now more a matter of choice than necessity, however, thanks to refrigeration-and Refrigeration Mechanics, who install, maintain, and repair refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration systems involve more than your average refrigerator. They’re used in hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and homes to keep food cold or frozen, and to make ice. As a Refrigeration Mechanic, you perform installation and maintenance procedures by following blueprints and manufacturers’ instructions. You install the motors, compressors, pipes, and ducts that make up these systems.

If equipment breaks down, you assess and determine the cause by testing the control box and electrical circuits, and checking for leaks. You then seal those leaks and remove worn parts. You may have to disassemble equipment in order to repair it at another location.

You also put in refrigerants (such as Freon), the substances that make refrigeration systems work. To do your job well, you have to know how to weld and fit pipes, do necessary electrical work, handle soldering irons, and read wiring diagrams.

Without Refrigeration Mechanics to install and repair refrigerators and refrigeration systems, many comforts of modern life would not exist. Many foods quickly become unsafe if not refrigerated, and nobody likes ice cream that’s melted!