Reflow Operator

Tend reflow equipment that melt solder on printed circuit boards.

What does a Reflow Operator do?

Tends reflow equipment that melts solder on printed circuit boards to redistribute and fuse solder on boards to improve appearance, hardness, and solderability for PCB component assembly: Immerses boards in cleaning solution or places boards in cleaning machine that cleans and removes contaminants from boards before reflow process. Starts reflow equipment and adjusts conveyor speed and temperature of infrared heating units to meet specifications. Feeds PCB’s onto conveyor of equipment that applies liquid flux and infrared heat to boards to melt, redistribute, and fuse existing solder on boards and cleans, rinses, and dries boards following reflow process. Observes boards moving on conveyor to monitor flow and operation of reflow process. Removes boards upon completion of process and inspects boards for reflow process defects. May add chemicals to flux solution. May tend soldering equipment. May tend reflow equipment that automatically cleans, rinses, and dries boards before and after reflow process.