Preside over sports games and enforce rules.

What does a Referee do?

A referee officiates games, sporting events, and competitions by maintaining standards of play and ensuring that players abide by the rules of the games. Monitoring player safety, assessing penalties and infractions, and tracking time are primary responsibilities. You judge performances to determine results, impose score penalties, and award points. Inspecting sports equipment at the outset to ensure compliance with safety regulations is a non-negotiable task.

You need to have the ability to solve problems, make decisions, negotiate, and resolve conflicts. Strategic thinking and quick decision-making are essential skills. Your job can be highly stressful because you often need to make split-second decisions. You could also face strong criticism from coaches, team players, and spectators. The ability to withstand pressure, judge fairly and wisely, and explain some of your decisions are essential to this job profile.

Some sports officials, such as boxing referees, may work independently, whereas baseball or softball referees work in groups. Group dynamics in handling aggressive sportspersons from both teams is imperative to the job. There is no basic educational requirement for a referee.