Reeling-Machine Operator

Tend machines that wind yarn, thread, or textile selvage into skeins.

What does a Reeling-Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that winds yarn, thread, or textile selvage from bobbins, cones, cops, or tubes into skeins for dyeing or shipment: Places supply package of yarn, thread, or selvage on spindles. Threads ends of yarn through guides and wraps or ties them around swift. Starts machine and observes yarn for breaks. Stops machine to tie or sew broken ends together and replace exhausted supply packages. Cuts yarn with knife or scissors when specified amount of yarn is reeled, and ties ends of skein together. Laces string through and around skein to prevent tangling. Pulls levers to collapse reel and slides skeins off end of reel or observes automatic discharge to detect tangles. May set dial of revolution counter to measure yardage wound. May tie several skeins into bundle. May be designated according to material wound as Twine-Reeling Machine Operator.