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Reed Maker

Fabricate reed assemblies for textile looms using machines and tools.

What does a Reed Maker do?

Fabricates reed assemblies for textile looms, using machines, handtools, and gauges: Inserts spool of wire in machine that cuts wire into dents and consecutively fastens ends of dents to opposing coils of two parallel forming springs. Positions additional forming springs across rows of dents to reinforce assembly and ensure specified spacing of dents. Compresses springs in screw press and wires frame around dents to form reed assembly of specified width. Packs lime preparation between dents and dips assembly into solder trough to solder dent ends to frame. Removes lime preparation, wires, and springs, using handtools. Inspects spacing of dents, using micrometer and feeler gauge. Corrects spacing, using straightening tool. Cleans and polishes reed assembly, using portable buffing wheel.