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Red Cross Worker

Bring the services of the Red Cross to people who need them.

What does a Red Cross Worker do?

Red Cross Workers provide a variety of lifesaving and life-changing services to people in need. Many people are familiar with the Red Cross because of its ubiquitous CPR and first aid courses. Red Cross also regularly operates blood donation drives; distributes food to the needy; and helps clean up after disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Wherever there are people in need, there will be Red Cross Workers.

To be a Red Cross Worker, you need to be compassionate, strong, and motivated. You deal with people who are suffering, so being caring and compassionate is vital. Strength means not only helping others clean up and repair their broken homes, but also bearing the emotional strain of helping people fix their broken lives. Lastly, being highly motivated lets you get up every day and face the challenges ahead, even when the situations you’re helping to mend are bleak.

Red Cross has become a symbol of hope to many. As a Red Cross Worker, you’re the personification of that hope.

Schedules for Red Cross Workers vary widely. You can work domestically, serving only local areas. Or, you can work internationally, visiting disaster sites and humanitarian aid centers all around the world.

Conditions in the field are often challenging to say the least. Living in tents and makeshift shelters is definitely a possibility. The kind of life you want to live will determine the path your Red Cross service takes. Wherever you choose to lend your skills, though – whether at home or abroad – you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re making a positive difference in people’s lives.