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Red Cross Executive Director

Manage operations of non-profit agency providing medical care and services.

What does a Red Cross Executive Director do?

Directs and coordinates operations of nonprofit agency to provide blood, medical care, financial aid, and other special services: Oversees agency volunteer operations in areas such as blood donor program, nursing, and financial assistance to assure program adherence to agency charter. Participates in community activities to develop opportunities to ascertain needs, serve clients, and promote agency goals. Establishes and maintains close working relationships with cooperating agencies to avoid duplication of services. Prepares budget in consultation with departmental directors to allocate funds, control costs, and maintain operations at level consistent with agency guidelines. Recommends new policy and procedures to agency governing board. Advises volunteer leaders of potential problems and recommends alternative methods of providing service. Negotiates with community organizations to plan joint fund-raising campaigns. Hires paid staff in consultation with agency head. Confers with staff and disseminates written materials to inform staff of current developments.