Recycling Operations Manager

Organize cost effective and efficient recycling methods.

What does a Recycling Operations Manager do?

A general description of an Operations Manager is someone who oversees all aspects of a business. The Recycling Operations Manager makes sure his or her customers get the best service possible, help out workers underneath them, and make the company’s day-to-day operations as smooth as possible. Usually, these jobs are found in retail- or storefront-type businesses.

Now if you’re a Recycling Operations Manager, this description still holds true. But instead of shoes or furniture, your company sells recycled materials (think paper and glass).

The Recycling Operations Manager comes up with the most cost-effective way of picking up and collecting recycled stuff. In order to do this, you create the schedules for the Drivers, planning routes that will let them keep their gas costs low and their pickup numbers high. You make sure they’re well trained in order to avoid things like contamination (that’s when glass gets mixed up with plastic, or someone includes a product that’s not recyclable). So you need to teach your workers the proper way of doing their jobs.

Another way of keeping costs low is by looking after the machinery that you use daily in your work. Things like broken trucks, shredders, or grinders not only cost more to fix than maintain, but each day they’re not working means less revenue made.

When not checking up on machinery or the people who work for you, you deal with your customers. You solve any customer service issues that come up, and research new ways to improve the process of recycling. This way, you’re able to offer the best service possible, all in the name of a good cause.