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Recruiters work both individually and in collaboration with others in their organization. In order to be a successful recruiter, individuals must be good at recruiting, applicant tracking, and also have an understanding of technical recruiting and internet recruiting.

What majors do recruiters graduate with?

To apply for recruiter jobs, candidates will want to have a bachelor’s degree and perhaps an advanced degree in business administration. Common degrees for recruiters include business administration, psychology, communication, marketing, and business and commerce.

Recruiter jobs are an integral part of many companies. The two industries with the most recruiter employees are staffing and recruiting and information technology and services. hospital & health care is another popular industry, and there are also numerous jobs available in the financial services and higher education industries.

What are the common regions for recruiter jobs?

Another common consideration many graduates face when they begin to search for jobs is where they will be working. Recruiter jobs can be found in a variety of major cities such as New York and Chicago, Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta.


Work in-house or as a consultant, matching people with jobs.

Salary Range: $48,250 - $65,175
Industry: Financial Services
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