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Recreation Facility Attendant

Schedule the use of recreation facilities in accordance to rules.

What does a Recreation Facility Attendant do?

Schedules use of recreation facilities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, and softball and sandlot diamonds, in accordance with private club or public park rules: Makes reservations for use of facilities by players. Settles disputes between groups or individual players regarding use of facilities. Coordinates use of facilities to prevent players from interfering with one another. May collect fees from players. May inform players of rules concerning dress, conduct, or equipment and enforce rules or eject unruly player or unauthorized persons as necessary. May sell or rent golf and tennis balls, racquets, golf clubs, and other equipment. May render emergency first aid to injured or stricken players. May patrol facilities to detect damage to facilities and report damages to appropriate authority. May be designated according to facility tended as Golf-Course Starter; Tennis-Court Attendant.