Real Estate Paralegal

Organize documents relating to real estate sales.

What does a Real Estate Paralegal do?

Paralegals are a lot like Lawyers, except they can’t give legal advice, present a case in court, or set fees. They do behind-the-scene stuff, like investigating facts, finding important documents, researching laws or decisions, writing reports, and helping Lawyers prepare for their closings, hearings, and trials. As a Real Estate Paralegal, you carry out these responsibilities, focusing solely on real estate cases.

In real estate law, when someone buys a new piece of property or wants to sell their house, a Lawyer will need a lot of different documents, like deeds, mortgages, leases, titles, and offers to buy. As a Real Estate Paralegal, you’re the one tasked with finding and organizing these papers, and sometimes even with drafting them and explaining their ins and outs. Real Estate Paralegals have to know things like length of lease, coverage of title insurance, mortgage amounts, and other necessary real estate information. In short, you need to have a serious knowledge of real estate law.

As a Real Estate Paralegal, you do a lot of the leg work for cases. You’re the one the Lawyers call when they want a letter drafted, when they want research done in the law library, or when they want a client interviewed. Sure, it’s not always glamorous stuff, but it can be really interesting. And if you enjoy research and law but the thought of standing in front of a jury makes you queasy, this can be the perfect position for you.