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Real Estate Lawyer



Handle the legal side of buying and selling properties.

What does a Real Estate Lawyer do?

A Real Estate Lawyer represents individuals in the buying or selling of houses. Your expertise is needed in these transactions because any real estate deal can become complex, with the law either confusing or clarifying the issue. The duties of a Real Estate Lawyer range from reviewing basic documents to representing your client in court.

When one person sells a property and another one buys it, the title of the property changes ownership. In order for this to happen, the two parties, the financial institution providing the loan, the insurance company, and the policies outlined by law must all be satisfied

To facilitate this process, the Real Estate Lawyer gathers the facts, interviews clients, evaluates the law, and recommends courses of action. You make sure that the person (or people) selling the property hold a clean title to it. That means there are no liens or levies owed.

In addition, you consider easements, which allow for driveways or a neighbor’s access to their home. You investigate the C, C, & Rs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) and land use laws on the property to make sure your client can build the shop of his dreams once he owns the property. You also make sure the deed is properly written, so that your client doesn’t encounter any problems if he decides to sell later on.

To do all of these things, you need strong listening and communication skills, an eye for detail, a vast understanding of the law, and an acute flair for accuracy.

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