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Real Estate Closer

Ensure that all the proper paperwork to close a property sale is in-order.

What does a Real Estate Closer do?

When buying a house, clients want a Real Estate Closer with a touch of OCD. That’s because this is the person who holds onto every piece of paper pertaining to the sale of the property, organizes every meeting that needs to take place, and checks to make sure all laws have been followed before the sale is finalized.

In the real estate world, your job starts after a Real Estate Agent completes a sale. The Real Estate Closer arranges a closing date, working with the buyer, seller, Agents for both buyer and seller, a Closing Attorney, and anyone else who needs to be involved. This requires acrobatic scheduling since a lot of closings happen at around the same time-usually at the end of the month-and everyone involved is incredibly busy.

The Real Estate Closer also makes sure all local, state, and federal requirements are met in the selling of the property, and then gives everyone concerned a copy of the paperwork proving those requirements were met. But your job doesn’t end after a property closes, because you also schedule any inspections, repairs, or appraisals needed on the house.

For this job, you need to be able to communicate well because you’re the liaison between the client and everyone else. You make sure the buying process ends as easily as possible for your client. To facilitate the process for them, you do a lot of legwork, like contacting Insurance Agents, mortgage companies, Lawyers, inspection companies, and anyone else that might need to be involved.