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Real Estate Analyst

Monitor real estate market conditions to help sales.

What does a Real Estate Analyst do?

As a Real Estate Analyst, you evaluate the real estate market in a manner that helps other professionals in their jobs. For example, businesses rely on you for advice about real estate investments. Career link real-estate-agents, government and other housing administrators, career link appraisers, and career link architects also rely on the statistical data you produce.

You, the Real Estate Analyst, keep your fingers pressed on the pulse of the market. Are housing sales up or down? What is the unemployment rate in the area? How many new businesses are slated to build in the next year? The Real Estate Analyst will research and monitor market conditions and trends in order to come up with educated answers to these questions.

You also keep informed on demographics, such as family size and psychology. After all, knowing that seniors are trending towards low maintenance property, or that college students are inclined towards raising smaller families, results in pertinent information for the real estate market. A  career link home-builder can use that information to make smaller yards, bigger patios, or less square footage. Real Estate Agents can better inform their clients about availability and cost expectations for the future. Career link city-planners use your data in preparing annual budgets. And businesses can decide whether to take investment risks.

As you have to effectively relay information to clients, this job requires excellent oral and written communication skills. You also need acute analytical skills in order to assimilate information from a variety of sources.