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Reading Tutor

Help kids overcome reading difficulties.

What does a Reading Tutor do?

As a Reading Tutor, you help students master one of the most critical skills needed in everyday life: reading. Without the ability to read well, a student couldn’t continue learning in other classes, and would struggle later in life when finding a job. To prevent students from falling below their expected reading levels, the Reading Tutor maps out an educational journey from where they are now to where they should be.

Though some Reading Tutors serve as private Instructors to a single child, most work full-time for schools, tutoring children one-on-one or in small groups. Classroom learning may not be enough to help a struggling child, but your focused attention can help him catch up with the rest of his classmates.

Before planning the best education strategies for a child, you need to assess her current reading level. Throughout your lessons, you’ll constantly reassess the student to see how she’s progressing.

Once you know what each child needs to learn, you can start whipping up engaging activities that are so much fun, children forget they’re doing work. Why have them copy a list of words when you can host a class spelling bee? What sets you apart from the regular Teacher is the chance to find what motivates each student to learn and take advantage of that.

From warning signs to phone books, reading surrounds us. Teaching children to excel in reading gives them a vital real-world skill, and opens the door to a world of amazing books.