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Raw Shellfish Preparer

Clean and prepare shellfish for serving to customers.

What does a Raw Shellfish Preparer do?

Cleans and prepares shellfish for serving to customers: Washes shellfish in water. Inserts blunt-edge knife between halves to open bivalves and cuts out inedible parts. Returns oysters and clams to half shell and arranges them on ice filled dishes or places them in cold storage. Removes shells from shrimp and meat from crab and lobster shells, and arranges meat in special glasses for serving as cocktails. Mixes meat with other ingredients and arranges mixture on plates for salads. Serves customers at bar. May place silverware, napkins, potato chips, and condiments on bar. May mix ketchup, horseradish, lemon juice, and other ingredients to make cocktail sauces. May prepare only oysters for use as food and be designated Oyster Preparer.