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Raw Cheese Worker

Cut out or scrape mold, wax, and sediment to prepare cheese for packaging.

What does a Raw Cheese Worker do?

Cuts out or scrapes mold, wax, and sediment to prepare natural cheese for packaging or making into process cheese by performing any combination of following tasks in cheese processing department of dairy: Removes covers and wrappers from cheese, using knife, and dumps blocks of specified cheese from containers onto conveyor. Positions cheese block in conveyor cradle to expose desired surface and digs into plug holes or openings with knife. Removes mold, wax, and sediment from cheese surface, using hand scraper or buffing wheel. Cuts cheese blocks into equal portions, using power wire cutter, power knife cutter, or wire. Places pieces of cheeses on truck, and weighs batch to obtain specified amounts for each cook. Dumps cut pieces of cheese into machine that grinds and transports it to next work station.