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Range Manager

Make sure rangelands are being used efficiently and sustainably.

What does a Range Manager do?

Do you love the great outdoors? Does the interaction between agriculture and the natural world intrigue you? Do you have a powerful desire to improve humanity’s relationship with the planet on which we live? If so, a job as a Range Manager could be right for you.

Range Managers are in charge of large tracts of land, making sure that farming and grazing techniques are being undertaken with full consideration for their environmental impact. While the Range Manager must have a strong science background, this is one of the most practical, hands-on jobs that the world of environmental science has to offer.

Think of yourself as nature’s Sheriff. Like an old-fashioned lawman (or woman), you know everything that’s going on in your territory. The Range Manager is responsible for cataloguing and studying all the different species of forage and grazing plants, and making sure that they are being effectively used, but not overused, by the livestock groups authorized to access them.

Additionally, you need to balance the needs of organized livestock with those of wild animals great and small. Maintaining soil quality, preventing erosion, and stopping invasive species or the overharvesting of naturally occurring species are all of prime importance.

Expect to spend most of your time in the field. You’ll split that time between various tasks. Some days, you won’t see another soul as you roam the range collecting samples and taking measurements. Other days, you’ll talk to every Farmer, Rancher, and Hunter in sight, mediating issues and resolving conflicts between their needs and those of the environment, and representing the established environmental policy for your territory.

You’ll submit reports to your regional office, and interact with environmental specialists and Engineers in an office or lab. But most of the time, you’ll be out of the office and on your own.