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Ramp Flight Attendant

Check flight attendant's appearance and performance and report findings.

What does a Ramp Flight Attendant do?

Checks AIRPLANE-FLIGHT ATTENDANT’S conformance to personal appearance standard and performance of preflight duties during boarding stage of scheduled airline flights, and compiles report of findings. Inspects appearance and grooming of personnel for conformance to company standards. Observes performance of on-board airplane preflight duties and inspections by personnel for conformance, adequacy, and completeness. Records errors, inadequacies, and reasons for deviation on daily checksheet and forwards checksheet to supervisor. Extracts information from checksheets and writes performance reports for inclusion in personnel folders. Consolidates trip report and daily checklist information regarding work performed, emergency equipment, safety procedures, and appearance standards for use by supervisor. Prepares flight register and schedules to indicate assignments. Notifies personnel of changes in schedules.